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Railway Tenders Required Bid Document For Fill Tenders

Railway Tender Overview


1.1 The Principal Chief Materials Manager, Integral Coach Factory, Chennai-600038 on behalf of the
President of India (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser), duly authorised, invites e- tenders
from established and reliable manufactures or their authorised agents for the supply of the items
as set forth in the tender document. The tender document hereinafter refers the document which
is uploaded on IREPS website indicating the tender number, item tendered, drawings,
specifications, quantity, consignee, type of tender, closing date, schedule of technical
requirements, special conditions, etc. specific to the tender.

1.2 Tenderers are advised to carefully read all the instructions, the general and special conditions of
tender, and Indian Railway Standard (IRS) Conditions of Contract before submitting the offer. By
submission of offer with the tenderer’s digital signature in the format of techno-commercial bid
and financial rate of the IREPS website, hereinafter stated as e-tender form for brevity, it shall be
construed that the tenderer has read, understood and accepted all conditions of the bid
document andtender document including all conditions uploaded for the tender and
corrigendum, if any, and undertakes to abide by the same.

1.2.1 For detailed instructions specific to tender conditions, such as, Price, GST, delivery terms, etc.,
tenderers must refer to General Conditions of Tender given in Section-II of this bid document.

1.3 Tenderers must submit all information in English. Information in any other language must be
accompanied with its authenticated translation in English. Failure to comply with this may render
the offer liable to be rejected. In the event of any discrepancy between an offer in a language
other than English and its English translation, the English translation shall prevail.

1.4 Tenderers must ensure that the conditions laid down for submission of e-tenders detailed in
subsequent paras, are completely and correctly complied with. Tenders which are not complete
in all respect as stipulated in the bid document and tender document, are liable to be rejected.

1.5 The Principal Chief Materials Manager or any other officer authorised on behalf of the President
of India is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender or to assign any reason for doing so and
reserves himself the right to cancel the tender, to reduce or divide the contract or to accept any
tender in respect of the whole or any portion of the items specified in the e-tender and the
successful tenderer shall be required to supply the same at the rate quoted.

1.6 In case of any contradiction in the terms and condition appearing in IRS Conditions of Contract
and General Conditions specified in the bid document, the later will prevail. In case of any
contradiction between the General Conditions and Special Conditions specified in the tender

document, the later will prevail. If technical specification prescribe any condition involving
financial repercussion, which is in conflict with IRS conditions of contract, General Conditions
specified in the bid document and Special Conditions specified in the tender document (except
warranty/guarantee period), then same will be ignored for tender evaluation purpose unless
made a special condition of tender.

Local conditions:

It will be imperative on each tenderer to fully acquaint himself/herself of all the local conditions
and factors, which would have any effect on the performance of the contract and cost of the
stores. The Purchaser shall not entertain any request for clarifications from the tenderer
regarding such local conditions. No request for the change of price, or time schedule for delivery
of stores will be entertained on this ground after the Purchaser accepts the offer.

Pre-requisites for vendors desirous of participating in e-tenders:

1.8.1 Vendors intending to participate in the e-tenders available on the Indian Railways e-procurement
website “www.ireps.gov.in” will have to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) ‘Class III’ type
in tenderer’s name from an approved certifying agency. The list of certifying authorities issuing
the Digital Signature Certificates is available on the website www.cca.gov.in.

1.8.2 With the Digital Signature Certificate, vendors will have to register themselves on-line using the
link “New Vendors” option available on the home page of the website www.ireps.gov.in duly filling
the complete information as required in the web page and attaching their digital signature using
“Sign & Submit” button. Upon registration, the website will provide a registration number, which
the vendors may note for future correspondence.

1.8.3 Vendors are advised that Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) New Delhi, the Web
Master, will require minimum of 3 (three) clear working days to provide the user-ID and
password which will be sent to the e-mail address provided by vendor during the registration
process. In case of any difference in the information provided by the vendor during registration
on website and that available in the digital signature certificate, the request will be rejected and
an e-mail will be sent duly communicating the reasons for rejection. CRIS will not be responsible
for vendor’s failure to participate in a tender due to any technical problems arising during the
process of registration or submission of offers.

1.8.4 The digital signature certificates (DSC) are issued with limited currency / validity date. The
vendors are required to re-register themselves with the website ‘www.ireps.gov.in’ whenever
their DSC is renewed.

1.8.5 Vendors are advised to familiarize themselves with the e-tendering process with the help of “User
Manual” available at home page of website “www.ireps.gov.in” under Learning Center and Help
Desk/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/ e-Tender on the same website.

Updation :

2.1 Tenderers may note that the IREPS software is continuously being upgraded and the forms may be
subject to changes. Tenderers are advised to keep themselves updated with the latest changes,
by referring to the latest versions of user manuals available on the website, and by taking note of
the messages sent by the IREPS administrator from time to time. Tenderers should also make
themselves fully acquainted with all the available templates/forms, before they submit their
offer. No claim shall be entertained from a tenderer, on account of non-familiarity with the any of
the templates and forms available on the IREPS website.

2.2 Tenderers can upload individual file having capacity of 3.5 to 3.7 MB as attached document,
however there is no limitation on number of files which can be attached. CRIS is under the
process of increasing the capacity of files to be uploaded. Tenderers are advised to upload the
documents well in advance to avoid last minute rush and complication. All documents which are
submitted should be in A4 size to facilitate printing.


Purchaser reserves the right to issue corrigenda to the tender document before the due date of
opening of the tender and additional time if warranted, may be given for such corrigenda. It is the
responsibility of the tenderer to regularly check any correction or modifications to the tender
documents published through corrigendum on the website and download the same, and such
corrigendum shall invariably be taken into account while submitting the offer. Tenderer can
submit revised offer after considering the effect of corrigendum, in case he has already submitted
any offer prior to publication of the corrigendum.

Submission of Offers:

4.1 Tenderers are required to submit their offers by filling up the e-tender form on the website itself
after making the payment of the requisite Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), unless exempted as per
provisions under Para 6.0 below.

4.2 All the e-tenders in prescribed electronic offer form on the IREPS website www.ireps.gov.in
should be submitted before the due date and time fixed for the receipt of e-tenders as set forth in
the tender document. The offer is to be submitted with digital signature by the pre-authorised
personnel of the tenderer already registered with IREPS website.

4.3 Manual offers sent by post/fax or in person shall not be accepted, even if these are submitted on
the firm’s letter head and received in time. All such manual offers shall be considered as invalid
offers and shall be summarily rejected.

4.4 The scanned copies of all necessary documents must be uploaded with the offer. In case offers
are not accompanied with the required documents, same are liable to be rejected without

assigning any reason. However, Railway reserves the right to consider the offers received without
supporting documents, on merits in deserving cases.

4.5 On submitting the e-tender with Digital Signature Certificate, it shall be assumed that the
personnel of the tenderer digitally signing the e-tender form is a legally authorized signatory, that
is, he/she isi) the sole proprietor of the concern or the authorized attorney of the sole proprietor,
ii) a partner of the firm, in case of a partnership firm, or
iii) a Director, Manager or Secretary in the case of a Limited Company, duly authorised by a
resolution passed by the Board of Directors or in pursuance of the Authority conferred by
Memorandum of Association of the company.

4.6 In the case of a firm not registered under the Indian Partnership Act, it shall be deemed that
person digitally signing the e-tender is the attorney duly authorised by all the partners. A certified
copy of power of attorney or other documents empowering the individual to digitally sign the etender, should also be uploaded as a part of the offer.

4.7 The IREPS website does not permit submission of any offer after closing date and time of the etender. Hence there is no scope of any late or delayed offer in the online bidding process.

4.8 Integral Coach Factory makes payment through NEFT system as well as through letter of credit
(LC). The tenderers may choose the payment mode as NEFT or Letter of credit in the e-tender
form while submitting their offer. The tenderers shall ensure that they enter the correct bank
details like account number, IFSC etc. in IREPS portal. The payment to their bills will be made
through NEFT to the account no. available in the IREPS / iMMS purchase order. The instructions
for tenderers on LC mode of Payments are furnished as Annexure-V.
4.9 In case, any clarification is required by the tenderers for submitting offers, same should be sought
for from the Purchaser well before the tender opening date. It may be noted that no clarification
will be given on date of tender opening.

4.10 Submission of Technical Bid & Initial Price Offer for tenders involving e-Reverse Auction (e-RA):
a) Bidder shall be simultaneously required to electronically submit a Technical & Commercial
Bid and Initial Price Offer.
b) Offers found eligible for bulk order shall be categorized as ‘Qualified for Bulk Order for the
purpose of RA’ and offers found eligible for Developmental order shall be categorized as
‘Qualified for Development Order for the purpose of RA’.

c) Offers not complying with essential technical & commercial requirements of the tender shall
be declared as ‘Ineligible for award of contract’.
d) Initial Price Offer of only those bidders categorized as Qualified for Developmental Order or
Qualified for Bulk Order, shall be opened and Initial Price Offers shall be tabulated by system
separately, category wise as per instructions applicable for electronic tabulation.

Specifications and Drawings:

5.1 Specifications and drawings issued by ICF and mentioned in the description will alone be
uploaded as a part of the tender document, wherever applicable. The Principal Chief Materials
Manager will not provide or upload IRS/BIS/RDSO/RCF/CLW/DLW/CORE/DGS&Dspecifications or
drawingsand those issued by other organisations. Such drawings and specifications must be
obtained by the tenderer from the appropriate authorities concerned who issue them on
payment, if required.

5.2 If tenderers happen to quote with their own Drawing No./ Part No./ Specification/catalogue, etc.,
then they shall have to necessarily upload copies of all such drawings/specifications/catalogues,
etc. and all the requisite documents and information as part of their offer to support that it is in
conformity with the tendered drawings/specifications, failing which the offer will be liable to be

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):

6.1 All bidders shall be exempted from submission of EMD in all tenders except those disqualified
from such exemption vide para 6.2 below subject to submission of bid securing declaration.
All bidders shall be required to sign the bid securing declaration as per Annexure VI (a). Failure to
submit declaration as per annexure VI (a) will render the offers summarily rejected.

6.2 The bidders who withdraw or modify the bids during the period of validity, or on award of the
contract and on being called upon to submit the performance security/ Security Deposit, fail to
submit the performance security/ Security Deposit before the deadline defined in the request for
bid document/ Notice Inviting Tender/Tender document shall be debarred from exemption of
submitting Bid Security/ Earnest Money Deposit and performance security/ Security Deposit for a
period of 6 (six) months from the date they are declared disqualified from exemption from
submission of EMD/SD, for all tenders for procurement of goods issued by any unit of Indian
Railways published during this period.

6.3 There shall be no exemption to such bidders who have been debarred from exemption of
submitting EMD and SD as per para 6.2 above. Such bidders shall be required to pay Earnest
Money Deposit as per para 6.5 below, failing which their offers shall be summarily rejected.


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Railway Tenders Required Bid Document For Fill Tenders

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